Private In-Home Massage

60 minute massage ..... $90
90 minute massage ..... $120
120 minute massage ..... $150

Travel 1hour+ $0.50 per mile

Book more than one massage per in-home visit to save!

Massage Parties! 

Great addition to Jewelry, Passion, or Bachelorette Parties & Events!!

Book up to 5 hours! $1 per minute, time increments based on # of guests! 

Contact Me for more info!

Corporate & Event Chair/Table Massage!
Your corporate office or event will love you for it!
Refresh your workers in 15 minutes!

$75 an hour, 2 hour minimum

Contact Me for Available Dates & Times!


New Packages! 

3 single-person in-home 60 minute sessions for $180 ($1/min)

3 single-person in-home 90 minute sessions for $270 ($1/min)

6 single-person, in-home 60 minute sessions for $300 (buy 5 get one free!)

6 single-person, in-home 90 minute sessions for $450 (buy 5 get one free!)

(Travel 1hour+ $0.50 per mile per visit)

If you're happy and you know it, Refer a friend!!

Special Offer: When you refer a friend for an in-home massage...

Upgrade YOUR next 60 minute massage to 90 minutes on me!!

XO - Cheri